When You Are Snow Bound

What do you do when you are expecting the year’s worse snow? Living along the foothills of The Blue Ridge, we do get snow, but not very often do we get to see 8 or more inches of the wet fluffy stuff.  Relatives up North would chuckle when we would tell how residents in the Southeast react to snow.  I am from Michigan, so snow was just a part of our everyday life.  We enjoyed lots of Winter activities growing up.  We built snow forts.  We had snowball fights with all the neighborhood kids.  We built many a snowman, sometimes had enough snow for a whole snow family.  ( we didn’t use the snowman making kits either).  Our neighbors had a pond that served as the neighborhood ice skating rink.  The same neighbors had the best hill for sledding.  Have you ever tried ice fishing?  Kind of scary driving out on top of the lake and then drilling a hole in it to put a fishing line in.  But that is what we did “back in the day”.  Now children are scared to be children, simple, innocent things we enjoyed as children may not be carried onto our next generations.  Sometimes I feel simplicity has been replaced by technology to a point.

My 13 year old daughter and two grandsons went outside to play in the snow this morning.  They lasted less than 10 minutes.  It took them longer to get dressed and find their mittens.  Yesterday my daughter decided she was going to make “snow cones” with real snow.  I was impressed as it didn’t involve her using her iPad.  My daughter looked silently outside, then she looked at me, then went back to staring outside.  I asked her what she was looking at she said “nothing, but ya know what Daddy would have loved this storm.”  I just said “yep”, every now and again it still hits us hard like it was yesterday, not almost 2 years ago.  Stupid cancer.


We had decided to have a “snow party” of sorts at my house since we were expecting the storm of all storms.I am the one who has the fireplaces should the power go out.  Thankfully it just flickered a few times.  We got hot dogs, hot chocolate, and yes, bread and milk with the planning of being snowbound with a house full of people.  Firewood was brought in and loaded at the fireplaces and extra stacked to the side.  Then we waited…and we waited and boom the sky opened up and dumped 8-10 inches upon us.  The snowplows and scrapers ran all night, and the roads look so wonderful and safe.

As I sit here in my office at my desk overlooking my snow covered yard, it brings back all the memories I had as a child playing in the snow.  I believe I have reached the age that I see the beauty in the snow and not necessarily the amusement.  I am okay standing in the sidelines snapping pictures as my children and grandchildren are creating memories.  Hopefully I will live long enough to hear my children or grandchildren say “back in the day” because I will know a  memory was made.

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