Exhausted but Blessed

This has been a very hectic last few weeks.  Four of my five grandchildren all got RSV.  Both toddlers ended up in the emergency room.  Both of the three month old babies ended up in separate hospitals so I had sibling duty.  It was pathetic to watch these babies and having to put on oxygen and all.  The toddlers did better than their baby sisters.  As any of you know, it is hard to watch these normally busy, buzzing toddlers  become docile and just lay around.  After day two of this RSV crap the docile toddler who still feels bad but wants to play, is not necessarily a nice little person to be around.   Sure they still want to be cuddled and snuggled with, but…they can also be kind of well lets say um..well..mean.  A sick toddler is a terrible two-year mixed with a bit of a teenager, a woman that is PMSing, a little bit of of the pre-menopausal woman too.   It has been hard on all of us from the grandchild that is sick to their parent who is trying to juggle work, their other children, and the child that was sick, and the grandparent who is just trying to hold some sense of sanity together.  I am glad to say that hopefully this adventure is somewhat behind us.

I am blessed that all are on the mend and doing well.  We have had snuggle up time reading books these last few days, other than a few debates between the two year olds’ as to which book needed to be read first, I think we may be back on a normal track again.  I am back to being “grandmommy” the human tissue.  I usually wear my “frumpy”  and “comfy” clothes when I babysit as you could connect the spots of baby spit up, boogers, and whatever they decide that they need to wipe on me.  I don’t really mind as the clothes and I can be washed.  I help them through the day as much as they help me.  They help keep me and my mind active and to focus on their achievements.  They help me to not worry about the future ( at least while we are together), as they are our future.  I want to be able to make the best positive impact in their lives.  From my six year old grandson thru my 3 month old granddaughters and the two in between  and the ones to come… I love you all and you have my whole heart.  When I look into their faces I see bits and pieces of their parents and pieces of my late husband.  How could my heart not melt.


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