When I Look Through My Grandchildren’s Eyes

We have had a fun filled week-end here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.  Saturday the grandchildren, a few of my children and I went to the science museum.  Some of my children had been there with their dad when I had to work.  I had never been there, so I was expecting it be blah and rather boring.  I am not sure who was more excited about the exhibits, my grandchildren or me watching them explore, learn and be totally amazed.  I believe I even had to “experiment” with some of the hands on fun exhibits.  Some of the exhibits made me wonder where was this place when I was a kid.

Watching the two 2 year-olds be in such awe, brought a broad smile to face.  Watching them jump and dance on the musical rug, to sitting inside a giant model of a mouth, they never stopped to rest.  Me on the other hand, took whatever opportunity I could to sit for a few breathers here and there.  I was thankful that most exhibits had big benches where you could sit a spell.  My oldest grandson who will soon be 7, enjoyed it but had been there a few times and was not as excited as the little ones.  He caught me playing with one of the exhibits and said “Grandmommy, why are you playing with a kid’s toy”?  I told him it was fun and that I enjoyed it.  He replied “Me too”!  I did get stumped a few times and I would usually get ” Grandmommy you have to do it like this”.  Oh okay was about all I could say.  Sometimes this boy can be such a whiz ( I am not bragging…just proud he can think things through).  My younger grandson was trying to convince his mom why he needed to be able to take a baby goat home.   I just sat back smirking and remembering when she was 2 and how strong willed she was.  My granddaughter was so excited about all the exhibits, her favorite was the snakes.  Yes this pretty little two year old loved the snakes.  Oh My..guess I’ll be watching her very carefully when we have outside playtime.

Today (Sunday) after church we went to little town about a half hour from where we live to a Mayfair Festival.  This small town is quaint, pretty, and a bit free-spirited.  It was a small festival, but it also was easy to get around, and family friendly.  They had a few local singers and bands.  My 2 year old grandson loves music, so we pretty much stayed around the bandstand.  It was relaxing as they had had lawn chairs set up around the music area.  We walked around by the vendors admiring their talent, but we always came back to the music area.  What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  It was partly sunny with an occasional light breeze.  The gently rolling hills and trees burst in a bright green color.  It gave hope that Spring was actually here.  No more snow or freezing rain.  It is really warming up and the re-birth of growth of the new grass and leaves lets us know this is a new season and a new year.  I’m sure in a month we will be complaining that it is too hot but it doesn’t really last that long and before you know it,bonfire, hot chocolate, and hoodie season will be upon us.    Take time to enjoy that gentle breeze, the little flowers that you see.  Take time to see life as your grandchildren do…simple, spontaneous and full of spirit.  Enjoy yourself…..for tomorrow is not guaranteed.


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