A Child’s Fear

I am going to try and not get overly political about these school shootings.  My heart aches for their families and fellow classmates.  I pray for them to find comfort, somehow.  Yes I believe something needs to be done now.  I also believe the governing agencies need to allow parents to discipline their children ( I don’t mean abuse or beat them). Some  children of this generation don’t really understand the concept of a consequence for their actions.  Some children think “Oh That’s Awesome” as they blow up and kill victims in a video game.  I do not know what the answer truly is but do know that we together as a nation need to work at a solution for the safety of our children, grandchildren and neighbors near and far.  I am not sure how much of these shooter’s mental states are from a genetic disposition to some mental disorders or how much is from being teased, bullied and taunted for years and years.  Either way it is still unacceptable.

My oldest grandson is seven and goes to a public charter school.  Never would I think he at such a young age would encounter bulling.  This young boy is kindhearted, energetic and very compassionate.  He has had a little bit of a growth spurt and his height has not caught up with his weight, but he is not fat.  Why should a seven year old be afraid to eat a snack or treat for fear that he will gain more weight.  Parents need to teach their children that every child is different, and special in all their own way.  They need to be taught patience and tolerance of one another.  How at the age of seven does one child have the right to make fun of what the other child wears?  What makes that child the wardrobe police?  Why does that child think he is superior to others his age?  I can almost see how a bullied child could snap and “lose it” so to speak.  It does not excuse the shooting by any means, the shooter still chose to shoot.  They knew right from wrong in the end.  Hopefully we will be able to end this cycle of schooling.   How many more people and students must die.

We were in my house the other day just talking about my grandson’s upcoming birthday.  All of a sudden there was a loud BOOM.  My grandson ran around the house yelling “LOCK DOWN, LOCK DOWN” and finally ran in the bathroom to hide.  I was able to coax him out and asked what that was all about.  He thought we were being shot at.  I live in a decent middle-class middle-age subdivision.  It is usually quite and calm.  But I knew it was just a vehicle that had back fired.  To see that he knew what to do to protect himself and the ones he loved ( he grabbed my daughter with him) was grateful but also sad.  Where has the innocence of childhood gone? Why are they having to prepare for incoming bullets.  Now this is a small town where we live , pretty slow paced.  Most of the other cities that have been affected also were fairly small or suburbs.  None of our children are safe.   What can we do as parents or grandparents to protect them?

I have home-schooled my 5 children with the exception of my middle child who needed some special ed help that I could no longer do.  There are pros and cons to both public and home schooling.  As long as kids get socialization whether it be from scouting, community sports teams, or church, home schooling does offer many benefits.  But it is a commitment, it takes time and effort, and you have to be able to tolerate your children for extended periods , you don’t get a break.  I love my kids and can say we have had some fun adventures.  Some days didn’t go as planned but we stilled trudged thru.  Life can be fun, and it can be adventurous, but it does not need to be scary.

I pray that soon there will be an end to all this nonsense shooting and killing.  It is a multi problematic issue.  It is not just gun control, nor is it just mental illnesses, nor is it just bullying.  It is everything, everything that has just snowballed together.  It is a mess…we know..now how can make our schools safe again so our children can focus on learning instead of having “LOCK DOWN” drills.

I will bow my head tonight and ask that all these families receive comfort.  This is awful and unimaginable.  And before I lay my head down I plan to hug my children and grandchildren just a little bit tighter for tomorrow is not promised.

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