If you knew a Genie ..

What would you do if you were walking along and discovered this unique lamp / gravy boat thing.  Would you wash it and buff it up?  What would you do if a genie appeared.  We all know it wouldn’t, but what would you do if he granted you 3 wishes.

We all know that everyone usually says 1. wealth for you, 2. health for you and 3. love for you.  Something like that anyway, but suppose this genie said you have to come up with some other wishes because he was bored with people always wanting these things .  What would you decide to wish for.  It could make the decision a bit more difficult.

Me I would wish for : 1.  for my husband to still be alive.  I know that can’t happen but if we are going to dream, might as well dream big.  He had such an influence on all our lives and is missed more than words can even explain.  2.  for cancer to have never existed.  I would wish that nobody ever was or would be affected by this evil disease.  And 3.  that my children and grandchildren will forever be happy in their heart and mindful of God.  With this they should have or be able to find inner happiness which in turn helps to create a happy family.

I don’t really care about money.  I can’t take it with me when I die.  I have explained to my children just how my will is laid out and what they are to do about that.  As far as health, we all want to be healthy, but sometimes you just get the luck of the draw.  I have done my routine health exams but what about next year?  The year after that?  Our fate is out of our hands.  I have been blessed that I have wonderful children.  We are always there for each other, we always have been.  We are strong willed.  When my husband was suffering from cancer a strong circle of friends said we were “NeffStrong”.  We were but sometimes we felt so tired and weak and they would pull us back up.  They helped to really make us “NeffStrong”.  They loved and care for us and when sometimes we would forget to eat, we never had to look for food. Sometimes when we just needed a hug and for someone to say “it will be okay” even though we all knew it wasn’t going to be. This is the loyalty I wish my children and grandchildren to have and to carry on through their lifetime.  Caring for one another whether you are blood related, work related, neighbors, or friends.  Humankind is such a wonderful word.





The Girl’s Got This

I try to stay upbeat on most things.  I am not perfect and every once in a while I get on my pity pot too.  I think it is human nature to a certain extent.  When I have my grandchildren out, we usually get some person who will come up and comment on all the little girl’s we have and how they are going to have to tell their mother’s to even up the score.  Our score is 4 girls to 2 boys.  None of us have ever complained,  we have been thankful for each and everyone of them to make it here.  I know they are only teasing but as my granddaughters get older and can understand the comments, I hate to think that they will be led to believe that that are second rated.  I have both a 2 year old grandson and a 2 year old granddaughter, they are each others favorite frenemy.  My granddaughter this little preemie NICCU graduate will stand up for herself, and she can sometimes overpower my grandson.   I will stand back and smirk knowing she will be fine in life.   She won’t take crap, okay maybe one but after that she’s going to get you.

I admire that my daughters and granddaughters are strong willed.  They will stand up for themselves.  They will fight for what is right.  They get that from me.  Yes, I can be stubborn, independent and bullheaded.  But, I can be loyal, hard working, loving and kind.  I raised my girl’s to be all that they can be and want to be.  I have tried to stomp out the “happy homemaker” stereotype.  When my husband was alive he and I had a deal if I took care of the outside tasks such as mowing the grass, weeding and such, he would take care of some the inside chores.  For some reason he enjoyed doing dishes, who was I to complain and I liked to be outside.  He was petrified of running into a snake if he mowed.  We worked together like that .  That is probably how we lasted over 29 years.  I can whack a snake with a shovel pretty good, chopped one up so bad my friend couldn’t even identify it.

Each of my grandchildren  had difficult entries into this crazy world with either difficult high risk pregnancies or difficulties and drama at birth.  I have never been so relieved to hear these babies as they cried.  I also have one son.  The ribbing my husband would get like “it took four tries to get it right”.  Did these people not hear themselves and how stupid they sounded.  Be a baby a boy or a girl that baby is a blessing.  The parents are very proud of this tiny human they made.  Why make them feel bad because the baby was not a boy, instead embrace the proud parents and simple say “congratulations”.  But people can say what they want I am going to continue to encourage my daughters and granddaughters to be strong in all that they do and to “Fight Like A Girl” .  Now we don’t really condone physical violence but I am more stating in standing up for themselves.  All that is left to say is “You Go Girl”!